Kirsten Kelly for Haslett School Board

Why vote for Kirsten Kelly?

  • I will work with the Board to Develop a sense of happiness and moral value in students and faculty as a result of their interaction with the school district. This will include a fair and competitive Teacher & School Staff Compensation Package, workloads and class size.

  • I will promote "Educational Equity" and value each individual for who they are and ensure we are providing the structures, environment, and resources each student needs to reach their greatest potential.

  • I will make it one of the Board's goals to ensure every student is on a path to graduate and is educationally equipped to lead a successful life.

  • Working with the Board, I will ensure the community provides the resources to protect and enrich students when they are both on and off campus.

  • I will examine the current bullying guidelines and help implement a strong, swift response to bullying and ensure proper counseling for both parties.

  • I will insist on "Equity for All Students" — regardless of race, gender, religion, nationality, gender identity, legal status, physical or mental challenges, and/or socio-economic status.

Additional thoughts from Kirsten Kelly.

Let's look beyond yesterday’s solutions and yesterday’s education.
I am willing to help school staff provide today’s education for today’s children.

Let's improve our commitment to having a challenging and inclusive curriculum
that prepares our students for life after high school.

Sports and extra-curriculum activities are not only a vital part to a healthy educational system, but to our Haslett community as well.
I will be a #VikingStrong and a vocal activist for our school sports and
non-scholastic activities.
Let's help create a healthy balance of studies and exercise.

In the term "Student-Athlete" the "Student" always comes first!

Personal Background for Kirsten Kelly.

First and foremost, I am a parent of three children in the Haslett Schools.
I have a personal interest in preserving and improving the quality of our schools and the curriculum. My family moved to Haslett based on the reputation of the excellence of the education offered. As a district, we need to continue to expand on this excellence for the entire student body.

My kids began their Haslett Education at Wilkshire. They then progressed through that wonderful Blue Ribbon School ~ Vera Ralya Elementary. Ralya was one of the main reasons why we moved to this community in 2015. Ralya was a wonderful experience for all of them, filled with a nurturing and informative educational experience. When I say this, I mean all the staff there were part of this grand Ralya Adventure! The office staff, the para pros, the lunch staff, the teachers and the countless volunteers. I feel it is now my time to give back to this community and the schools that I love so much. This is why I am running for the school board.

My career in Club Management has been focused on serving others. This is what I do. It is in my nature is to enhance the lives of others by putting their needs first, ahead of my own, with no personal agendas. I have worked with, and served for countless, boards, committees, and trustees. These experiences have given me invaluable knowledge on navigating what is best for all parties involved and reaching common ground for the good of the whole.

In my current position at Michigan State University, I work with many different constituents to enhance the experiences for students, faculty and staff. The last four years have been invaluable to me in learning how to navigate administrative and policy changes to better serve our university.

Let me help and bring this knowledge back to our community.

Please give me your vote!

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